A Holiday Message and Plea – 17 October 2016

A Holiday Message and Plea for Financial Support for All Nichiren Order of North America Temples – October 17, 2016

It is the season that time of year when we think about gratitude and giving.  Hopefully that does not translate as grateful the stores are open late or Black Friday begins on Thursday.

I am writing this post solely for the purpose of reminding you of the importance of your financial support for the spread of CZmWXXzWQAA5BLqBuddhism and Nichiren Shu.  I suspect that during this season of spending, of rushing around locating items, of entertaining, of cringing at yet another message about how to spend your money the thought of giving a gift of an extra donation to your temple may fall to the bottom of your list or not on there at all. 

I hope you will consider what support you may be able to provide your local temple or the temple which supports your practice.  If several temples fall into that category then perhaps consider a gift to them all.  Further if are able too, please consider especially the Houston temple, Myoken-ji administered by Bishop Myokei, the Boston temple, Kosen-ji administered by Ryuoh Shonin, the Seattle temple, Enkyo-ji and affiliate Sanghas, administered by Kanjin Shonin, and of course my temple Myosho-ji.

All the above temples have various ways of receiving your kind offering.  Please reach out to your priest and temple for specific instructions on how to make your contribution.

If you are able to also consider making a direct donation to Nichiren Order of North America, NONA, that would be especially helpful.  NONA and the future of Nichiren Shu is at a challenging time in its history.  As funding from Japan is being cut back or eliminated and since several temples have decided to withdraw and no longer support NONA money and funds will be import as we continue.

In short, money is important.  I’m being upfront here and simply stating, requesting your financial support.  As you consider how you will spend your money during the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other seasonal celebrations I hope you will consider placing financial support for the spread of Nichiren Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra at the top of your list.

And here is a picture of a dog in case I’ve not convinced you yet.  I’ve heard that dogs elicit feelings of compassion, gratitude, calm, and presence.

Otera Inu - mix breed puppy half good-half evil

Otera Inu – mix breed puppy half good-half evil

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Nichiren Shu Buddhist priest. My home temple is Myosho-ji, Wonderful Voice Temple, in Charlotte, NC. You may visit the temple’s web page by going to http://www.myoshoji.org. I am also training at Carolinas Medical Center as a Chaplain intern. It is my hope that I eventually become a Board Certified Chaplain. Currently I am also taking healing touch classes leading to become a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I do volunteer work with the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (you may learn more about them by following the link) caring for individuals who are HIV+ or who have AIDS/SIDA.