Three Themes to Guide Me in 2017 – January 22, 2017

Each year the subject of resolutions and goals comes up around the beginning of the new year. Most years I do list things I would like to accomplish during the year, these would be the goals for the year. And then the list of things I determine I will work on to achieve a particular goal which may represent a different way of living. This year I have several huge tasks I’ve taken on which will result in accomplishing several of my long range goals set years ago.

Given the complexity of my upcoming move to Syracuse and all that will entail I decided to approach the start of this year somewhat differently. I know from past experience and from advice I’ve given to others I don’t get nearly as much done without writing down even a skimpy list of goals. Rather than a list of changes or goals I would intentionally only have three principles to guide me in how I am in the places I am in. They will be the theme of the year. I have made a determination that as much as I am able I will create opportunities of connections and conversations, as well as be more aware of how these three themes or principles can influence every activity.

The three principles for 2017 are:

  • Deep Conversations
  • Deep Listening
  • Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

I’ll write more about this, especially since I have been saying my farewell and the opportunity to put these into practice. For now I am curious what others have to say.

In the comments please take a moment to tell me what your initial thought are? Thoughts about either the concept of themes or guiding principles, or the three principles, or both? If you would like please share some of your goals for the year, or if you have even set a direction for yourself. 

As many of you know it is my hope to encourage less consumption of media and more creation of media, so please say something, even an ‘it sucks’ is creating content and not just consuming.

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