Increasing Online Offerings for Viewing: Rebroadcast Setsubun Service

I’ve been think about how to develop the virtual  Myosho-ji Sangha and better support those who currently participate as well as being more valuable and relevant to others wishing to practice Nichiren Shu and unable to attend a temple.  One idea that came to mind was to rebroadcast services.  

By doing this I am hoping it will be of benefit to those who may be unable to join in for the actual service live yet still wish to partake of the benefit of the Dharma and the Lotus Sutra.  Also it will provide a place for me to on occasion go into more details about the service, offering explanations that are not possible during an actual service. In this way it can serve as a place for teaching about the formalities of our services enabling people to better understand and appreciate our practice, thus perhaps making it more meaningful.

Beginning Wednesday 8 February at 7:30PM Eastern I will rebroadcast the Setsubun service performed by Kanjin Cederman Shonin.  Myself and Shami Kanyu assisted in this service.  The recording is over 2 hours though the actual Setsubun portion is less.  On Wednesday I will only show the Setsubun portion and hold the Jukai service for another date.  

These rebroadcasts will not be available any other time or place.  They will not be available on YouTube and most likely will only be rebroadcast one time.  The Wednesday day is not fixed and I am open to suggestions for a different time, though I may not be able to implement all suggestions.

The information for for how to join in online can be found on the temple calendar page. In all cases this calendar is the best resource for real-time updates on temple activities.

I look forward to this and other ways to expand the online options.  If you have any ideas or suggestions I am open to considering everything.  I am curious, how far can we take this and how good can we make it.

With Gassho,

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About Ryusho 龍昇

Nichiren Shu Buddhist priest. My home temple is Myosho-ji, Wonderful Voice Temple, in Charlotte, NC. You may visit the temple’s web page by going to I am also training at Carolinas Medical Center as a Chaplain intern. It is my hope that I eventually become a Board Certified Chaplain. Currently I am also taking healing touch classes leading to become a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I do volunteer work with the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (you may learn more about them by following the link) caring for individuals who are HIV+ or who have AIDS/SIDA.