Lectures on the Historical Background of Standards and Rituals in Nichiren Shu

Historical Background of Standards and Rituals in Nichiren Shu

This will be the first in a series of lectures on how the standards for conducting services in Nichiren Shu came about.  The process was not always smooth nor was it fast.  It was a joint project between a few Nichiren sects and took much longer than originally anticipated.  There were many obstacles along the way until a book was published to standardize and codify the manner in which services are to be conducted. 

During this series, probably of two or three parts, I will share what information I have and that is given to us as priests.  I hope this will not only be informative but also perhaps somewhat fascinating.  The study of history can be challenging for many reasons not the least of which is who wrote the history.  There is also the matter of history that does not quite align with current thought and what do you do with those very inconvenient truths.

I hope you will consider joining with us as we take this journey into the past and examine it’s impact on our present. 

At the request of some of our West Coast participants I am experimenting with an earlier start time.  I know for some of our East Coast people the original request would make it almost impossible to participate.  So I am going to try out an 18:30 start time.  The request was for thirty minutes earlier which would mean folks who work in offices where quitting time is 5 or 5:30 would not be able to join.

I look forward to sharing this information with you.

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