Lotus of Your Life

A new study program that will take at least two years to complete. The framework will be an examination of one chapter of the Lotus Sutra per month. The one per month seems most likely workable from this viewpoint of beginning, it may look different as it unfolds towards some the completion point.

I will post the links to each part of this project here.  Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone to catch up or simply see what’s been happening on this journey.

The Story of the Lotus Sutra of Your Life

Introductory Chapter I Part 1: Leading Up to the Opening of Your Lotus Sutra

Introductory Chapter I Part 2: Who Was In Your Assembly?

Introductory Chapter I Part 3: The Event

Introductory Chapter I Part 4: Conclusion

Chapter II – Part 1 – Inexplicable by Words

Chapter II – Part 2 – Even Children In Their Play

Chapter III – Part 1 – Greatest Joy

Chapter III – Part 2 – Peaceful as the Sea

Chapter IV – Part 1 – Never Had Before

Chapter IV – Part 2 – Treasury of the Buddha Law

Chapter V – Part 1 – If They Have Not Yet Done So


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