Kishimojin Amulet Necklace


Now available small Kishimojin amulets which can be worn or carried or even remain in your home altar or sacred space. These plastic amulets are cast from epoxy resin and have nickel free attachments for you to use with your own necklace.  The Kihsimojin encased within is also made of plastic.  The dedication on the back side of Kishimojin is the standard inscription which relates to the passages in the Lotus Sutra Dharani Chapter.

See the information below for more details about materials, size, shipping, and care.

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Epoxy resin, paper, nickel free silver plated metal attachments. Besides those physical attributes I chant Odaimoku, and offer prayers as I make these. Given the nature of working with resin and my skill level Odaimoku is essential even if it were not to be offered as an amulet. Also once I know who will receive the amulet I dedicate the piece by reciting the sutra and chanting Odaimoku.

Custom Made

This item is hand made, as such there will be some variance in the appearance. It may not look exactly like the photograph, but it will be close. No two of these are identical.


Flat rate shipping, packaging, and handling is $3.50. If you wish to have a tracking number then the charge will be $9.00

Item Notes and Care

I am not using commercial or industrial strength resins which many resin/plastic items bought in stores are made from. This is due to the dangerous nature of the fumes during the creation. I do not have a separate space nor high volume air exchange and do not wish to endanger my health any more than necessary.

This item is not as durable as commercial items. While it will last longer than you or I shall live if used in what would be consistent with normal use such as wearing around the neck or placing on an altar, it will not last until the end of the world.

This item will scratch. It will scratch easier than commercial items. This is due to not using the afore mentioned dangerous and toxic chemicals. I have great sympathy for those who work in poor conditions to make plastic junk for us to use without thought about the hazards.

This item can not be buffed or polished. This means neither you nor I can polish it without causing more harm than good. You've been warned.

This item can be recoated and that will restore the shine as well as cause the scratches to almost vanish (well actually they simply get filled in and become less visible UNLESS you have applied a colorant which has become permanent in the resin).

I can sand the item to try to remove marks.
Here is the really cool thing though. If it becomes damaged or defaced it can be cremated and a new object can be made. The overall affect on the environment I am not sure of though I do know it will be using less dangerous chemicals and processes than other resin items and less than the process of making paper.


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