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This is a pocket sized plastic finger labyrinth.  In my book The Magic City I write about labyrinths and their use as a meditative device as well as a metaphor for life, the problems we face, the solutions we seek, and the lessons we learn.  Here is a plastic labyrinth which you can carry with you, keep in your Every Day Cary, EDC, or keep at your office desk if you have one.  When you find yourself in a stressful situation you can pull it out and trace the path to the center and back out again as a way to help induce calm and a sense of ease in the moment.  

If this shows as Out of Stock, it means I am temporarily out and will be making more.  I have added a notification sign up to be notified when they are in stock.  If you are concerned and haven’t heard from me feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll respond directly.

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Epoxy resin



Pocket size 3" Diameter plastic labyrinth.


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